Krooked Treez -Bio- Drawing its roots from a small town in Belize, Krooked Treez combines Reggae, Rap and Alternative Rock to present a wholly unique sound that provides the backdrop for poignant lyrics about struggle, triumph and the beauty of life.

This Southern California based Reggae Hip-Hop Rock band was named “Breakout Artist of The Year” by the genre’s fans, which was held by the reggae-rock leading magazine, The Pier. They’ve quickly gained momentum from an ever-growing fan-base, as their debut CD "Higher Place" released in 2013.

Founded by O’Brown, a Belizean/Mexican American who first broke into the scene as a protégé of B-Real of Cypress Hill, the members of Krooked Treez were hand-picked by the MC after “Rebel”, a collaboration between O’Brown and Belizean Reggae & R&B singer BZ-Bwai created a tremendous buzz and a call for more work between the two artists. O Brown and BZ-Bwai agreed to name this new venture after Crooked Tree, a small town in Belize from which O Brown draws his roots.

With O’Brown's hard knocks, heart-felt lyricism and BZ-Bwai’s harmonic soulful and smooth vocals, California original bassist Bobby Zen , guitarist extraordinaire Josh Stoney Eye and drummer Rene Marquez all tighten the band with their rich sounds that are backed by years of experience.

The band has rocked a jam-packed House of Blues on the Sunset Strip, rode the buzz of a successful appearance on the 311 Cruise and have performed main stage at major music festivals, such as Russia's famed Kubana Festival, performing for an audience of nearly 100,000, as well as California Roots, South Park Music Fest, Blaze N Glory, Shoreline Jam, and Bay Area Vibez Festivals to name a few. They have performed with major acts as Bassnectar, Nas, Dirty Heads, Matisyahu, Slightly Stoopid, Korn, System of a Down, Rebelution, Ziggy and Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley, Stephen “Ragga” Marley, Steel Pulse, Pepper, System of a Down, WuTang, Katchafire, SOJA and Iration.

Krooked Treez is dropping their sophomore album Born Calizeans September of 2019 featuring Sen Dog of Cypress Hill, Sid Wilson of Slipknot, Kemo of Delinquent Habits, Moi of Tomorrows Bad Seeds, Karim Israel of Arise Roots, Tim Burton of the Mighty Mighty Boss Tones and Brevi, Nev and The Black Water OG.

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